Family Therapy in Citrus Heights

Is there anything more precious, more varied or more delicate than a family dynamic? All families have troubles they face from time to time. Even if only one family member has an issue, the entire family may suffer and as a result, the entire family will need to be involved in family therapy. There are a number of reasons to seek out family counseling:

  • Death or loss of a family member rocks
  • Arrival of a new sibling or parent
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Social issues affecting one or more family member
  • A move to a new home or school
  • Drastic changes in socioeconomic status (unemployment)

In some cases, family therapy must be sought in order to offer parents help dealing with troubled youths and their behavioral problems. Are your children being argumentative, defiant, or aggressive? Do they have trouble sleeping, suffer from night terrors, or throw temper tantrums? Are they subject to social anxiety; are they hyperactive; do they suffer from low self-esteem?  If your child is exhibiting any number of these behaviors it could be indicative of a larger problem. A therapist can help. Parenting is no simple matter and family counseling can be a valuable resource to address this and other issues.

Caring Therapist Offers Solutions for Parents

Mariko Mally (RN, MFT) is a therapist offering family counseling to help families in need. A number of benefits are available from participating in therapy. A therapist can provide support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping strategies. Family counseling can offer parenting strategies for troubled youths to help change negative behavior patterns. When families are facing a divorce, counseling can serve as a safe environment to improve communication and listening skills. Grief counseling is particularly important in preventing or aiding in the treatment of depression. A therapist is an advocate for the family unit, helping each individual find their role and creating a harmony in the mind-body connection of each member.

Finding Harmony Near Roseville, Sacramento and Nearby Areas

Is your family facing a divorce, coping with grief, experiencing parenting difficulties or dealing with a troubled child? You may be in need of family therapy or counseling. Mariko Mally (MFT, RN), a therapist specializing in family therapy is here to help. Mally offers family therapy and marriage counseling to people in Auburn, Lincoln, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Sacramento, and in her home location of Roseville and Citrus Heights. She offers a free initial consultation and is accepting patients now. Don’t wait for your family problems to resolve themselves. Take action, call Mariko Mally today.